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Flow Sight Glass for piping for fitting between flanges
- patent protection -
Flow Sight Glass
  • 360° allround view
  • Insensitive to soiling
  • Easy fitting between two flanges
    (every standard) DN10 - DN 1000
  • Maximum pressure 16 bar / 150 lbs
    higher pressure on request
  • Maximum temperature
    -200°C / -328°F up to 1100°C / 2012°F
  • Resistant to aggressive chemical

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Dorfstr. 13
23824 Damsdorf

fon +49 (0)4323 8051008
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mail mail(at)sightglass-koller.com

last update:
6th May 2014

faster delivery:
common inch-sizes now available from stock

new length:
type A in 100 mm length available

The special merits of the flow sight glass is its solidity and high functionality. A glass ring with 25-, 30- or 50 mm (or longer) pipe-view length with very high wall thickness is fitted between two flanges. The wall thickness is equivalent to the raise face of the flange so that no metal casing is required. This allows an excellent observation of the flow from all sides.

Dirt accumulation of the flow sight glass is significantly lower as the medium touched surface is constantly rinsed by the medium itself.

The flow sight glass has no dead spots, so that the flow sight glass can be flushed/ cleaned together with the tube in case the medium will be changed.

No deposits in the sight glass when the piping will be empty. The inner diameter of the sight glass is according to the inner diameter of the pipe. Therefore the sight glasses are especially applicable for aseptic conditions.

The flange serves as an additional protective shield.

In case of bigger sizes or stainless steel design, there is a favourable price/ efficiency ratio because only the glass ring is required and no metal casing with flanges.

type A - Acrylic Glass
Temperature up to 80°C / 176°F low-cost design
type N - Soda-lime Glass
Temperature up to 150°C / 302°F high resistance to chemical
type B - Borosilicate Glass
Temperature up to 300°C / 572°F resistant to aggressive chemical
type Q - Quartz Glass
Temperature up to 1100°C/ 2012°F resistant to aggressive chemical

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